Frequently Asked Questions

What is Filly?

Filly is about filling forms. It is a simple tool - a Chrome extension and a web-based UI ( that allows you to fill in any form with just one hotkey.

What Filly is not?

Filly is not password manager. There are better tools to do it such as OnePass. Filly is not a storage for your unique vulnerable data. This app was created as a Fixture manager where anybody in IT team can create and use app fixtures.

Why would I need Filly?

Filly saves your time by storing the state of your forms. When filled once, there will be no need to do it again and your teammates can reuse it as well (if you’ll be willing to share it with them).

Filly makes the repetitive task done in less than a second.

What about security of my data?

All forms data are encrypted using AES-256.

In what ways using Filly makes me more productive? / How to save time with Filly?

When working on web apps you spend several minutes in app UI clicking scrolling and ... filling forms with different data. With Filly, you can speed up and cut down on this repetitive task - focus on what really matters and let us take care of your forms.

How do I use Filly [hotkeys] + can I change them?

You need to know three hotkeys:

Alt + Shift + 1 shows forms for current page

Alt + Shift + 2 saves current form

Alt + Shift + 3 fills the form on the current page with personal data

(And the moment we do not support hotkey customization, but let us know via Twitter, Facebook or mail us contact us if you think it could improve your experience with our tool).

If you’re not in favor of hotkeys, another option is clicking on the’s icon in the top right corner of Chrome or clicking Right Mouse Button and choosing Filly from the menu.

Is Filly free?

Yes, this Chrome extension is totally free.

Can I share my form with a team?

Yes, you can share the form you’ve already filled with your teammates. Simply enter and after logging in press ‘Settings’ button, choose ‘Team’ and follow the instructions.

How do I invite someone to join my team?

Go to Settings -> Team and fill in the empty bracket with an e-mail of your team member.

Does Filly collect my / any data and how?

When not logged Filly saves your data in the local storage of your browser. When logged, form data is stored on your secured account on Filly does not collect any data in the background. Filly saves forms only on demand of the user, by using “Save current form” feature.

Can I use Filly with Firefox / other browsers?

Not yet. However, we are working on it and a neat and fully featured extension is going to be up in the nearest future. If you want to stay up to date subscribe our newsletter

Can I use Filly on my mobile device? [Is there Android or an iOS mobile app?]

Again, not yet. But you may expect to hear from us on this matter soon. Stay tuned.

What is domain mapping?

Domain mapping is using the same forms on different instances of an app. For example, a form you have saved while working on yourapp.local may be used on,,, etc.

How can I map the domain?

Go to -> Settings -> Domain mappings and click on the “Add mapping” button. Then simply add domains you want to map.

How can I manage my forms?

Go to -> Settings -> My forms. Now you can view all your stored forms, edit form data, delete forms or create a shareable link that would take you directly to the site you can use your stored forms on.

You can also view a list of your saved forms (or save a current form) for a current page while viewing this page with right-click -> Filly -> Show sets (or Save a current form).

How many forms can I save?

More than you would ever need :)

… Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!