Fill websites easier and faster

Use Filly to be more productive & less annoyed about doing repeatable tasks

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Be more productive

Things that you repeat 50 times a day and takes one minute each, can be done in 2 seconds.

Communicate better

Instead of endless debates what should be input of website, just send the link to the form or use auto-sharing feature.

Cut monkey job to minimum

Do challenging tasks instead of doing the same boring job over and over again.

Check out the features

Copy-paste any web form

Save form with two clicks. Restore it with one click.
Have all of them on different browsers and devices.

Defined once. Used many times. By many people (incoming in v1.2.0)

Save form on the website you work on. Enable autosharing and domain-mapping and enjoy instant magic:
your form will be available on any mapped domain (forms from yourapp.local may be used on,, etc)
your team-mates will have the form on their devices

Save few minutes of work as 6-digit link

Generate short link like this and send it to other people. It will open website and fill form with your input.
Want to attach reproduced input for a bug into JIRA? Or create personalized CTA for you super-important lead? Use this feature.

Fill forms with personal data

Tell us about you & then fill every personal form on the internet with one click. Want to singup for a website in 2 seconds? Join to a webinar? Order burrito? This feature is for you.

Fill forms with random data (incoming in v1.2.0)

Want to quickly fill form with some random data? Perhaps doing demo to your customer? Or just testing some webpage? Use inteligent-random filling.
Filly's alogirithm will detect types of fields and generate appropriate random data.